Returning to Work

Congratulations, you are now a working mom! I know, it’s hard - but the team at Davis + Pyle and Skin Raleigh will help make your days away from your little one, much more bearable. 

Coming back to work after an extended time away is such a challenging transition. We all know coming back from a vacation can be tricky getting back into the swing of things. Now just imagine, being away for 3 months, lack of sleep and a newborn at home! Don’t worry, we got you girl. 

The first week you return to work, we want you to ease yourself back into things. Consider this your ‘buffer’ week! Don’t stress yourself if you're running a few minutes behind because you need a few more kisses or there was a diaper blow out. Take this week to see what works with your schedule. We understand that getting out of the house may take a few more extra steps. Not every morning, or night, will go as planned. Take this time to find what works for you and your baby’s schedule. Everyone will be supportive of you and offer their help! Keeping your team included on your adjustment will help you find ways to be better while allowing them to help you along the way! 

In order to make this transition smoother for you, I would suggest you taking time during your buffer week, to schedule 2 meetings. The first meeting would be with your team leader. That way, they can catch you up on any changes that have occurred while you were away. The other meeting would be with the other person who you work along side with. So much can happen in 3 months so it will be helpful for you and your team to talk it out. 

It gets easier momma! I am not going to lie, you will have hard days at times but you will find your groove. At least you have this great team to come to work with everyday while your away from you're little one.