Select and Prioritize

Similar to creating our quarterly Rocks, the purpose behind "Select and Prioritize" is to carve out a moment in time where we raise our eyes to the horizon and collectively agree on what our marketing focus will be over the next 3 months. 

At each quarterly offsite, our Marketing Team will be responsible for starting the conversation around which brands, products, services, or features that we should prioritize over the next three months—utilizing informative toolsets such as Google Trends, legacy knowledge such as past seasonality, and strategic thought towards sowing for our future.


The Leadership Team's responsibility here isn't to blindly accept what the Marketing Team presents, but rather to weigh in with each of their unique vantage points to fine tune and prioritize the next three month's worth of marketing efforts.

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Written by Robbie Poe

Robbie Poe has a passion for helping others win in business and has been leading teams for more than a decade. He was a hand-selected member of Dave Ramsey’s senior leadership team where he was responsible for a $25MM a year product line, and he consulted for a year with our practice’s leadership team before joining full time as our COO / Integrator.