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When everything else is pushed out of the way, the most important reason we exist as a practice is for our patients. Nothing matters more to any of us than serving them at the highest level possible.

I’m certain that no one reading this would disagree with that, and that’s why we’ve invested a disproportionate amount of time as a team creating, defining and improving the most effective way to care for the patients who make their way into our treatment chairs.

The following thoughts are the result of those countless hours. It’s our belief that if we document and commit to “our way” of doing provider visits, that we will be able to serve our patients better than anyone else in the world could and “protect our profits” on behalf of our team and practice.

What we know

As workers in the healthcare industry, we are wonderfully spoiled. Why? Because we know what most people don’t… We know that the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.

One way we provide our award-winning level of service is through the way we methodically and instinctively take a patient through their treatment process.

Said differently, we aren’t robots who follow a harsh, predefined regiment. Instead, we have a few principle-driven milestones which we honor. Everything in-between this milestones is limited only by our personal creativity.

The Milestones

The milestones below are designed to be followed each and every time a patient sits in your chair for a treatment or consultation.


But before we dive into each of these, let’s cover a couple critical ideas which they are built on… The “Curse of Knowledge” and why we “Protect Our Profits.”

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