How We Do Work Schedule

As a company, our team is made up of individuals in all walks of life: moms, dads, future grandparents, and world travelers, just to name a few.

We also have a Core Value of Work Is Family, and we are committed to creating a flexible career schedule for all of the demands that the different seasons of life place on each of us.

Part of that commitment includes allowing our team to have more options for their working just week than the standard "5 days and 40 hours."

The Basics

Below, you will find a matrix to help you understand what gets included or excluded in the three different options our team members have, as well as the minimum number of acceptable working hours per day for each option.

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What About Pay?

It's important right? This topic gets it's own section, because we want to make sure there isn't any confusion around it.

If you decrease the number of days you work, you should also expect a decrease in pay—even if your working hours are comparable.

Here’s why: You are important and valuable. You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t. And replacing you, even one day a week, is not easy. If your job is a five days a week job and you do it 4 days a week, the business has to hire someone to fill that last day and there will be things that don’t happen as well as they would if everyone knew everyone else was here every day.

In other words, even if you replace your hours, there will be tangible and intangible burdens on the business and your team that have to be included in the equation. This is not, in any way, intended to discourage flexible scheduling, just to be real about the give and take.

The Process

If you are considering switching from one work schedule to another, there are some basic steps to guide you during your exploration phase:

  • Start with a conversation with your team leader, letting them know you are considering moving to a different schedule.

  • Present a practical plan of action for how your responsibilities will be covered during the days you are not in the office.

  • Allow adequate time for your team leader to discuss your plan of action with the Leadership Team.

  • Based on whether your needs align with the business and team needs, you will be informed if your request to change schedules is approved.

Important Note: Knowing what to expect is an aspect of our business that allows our team to serve patients with excellence. That being the case, we do not bounce back and forth between these schedules on a regular basis.

Said differently, we don't pick one option one week, and one option a different week. Switching schedules should be viewed a big deal, and should only be done with planning and intentionality.