What is botox?

Botox is an injectable wrinkle relaxer, similar to Xeomin and Dysport.

Botox helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by relaxing the underlying muscles beneath the skin. By relaxing the muscles treated, the skin above them is smoothed.

Botox is the most popular non-surgical procedure, and continues to grow in popularity every year.

Is botox Right for You?

Understanding how BOTOX works can be important to help you determine when it’s the right time to start using it. Your face moves thousands of times each day, as you express yourself. Over time, these movements can become wrinkles and fine lines that can make you look older, sad, angry, or tired, even when your face is at rest.

All facial expressions are created by muscle contractions in the face, and over time they create wrinkles on the skin that can remain even when the muscles are relaxed. When BOTOX is injected precisely into the correct facial muscles, it temporarily paralyzes those muscles, therefore preventing the subsequent creasing of the skin.

Typically, we treat men and women from their mid‐20s through their 80s at Skin Raleigh. Regardless of age, BOTOX prevents the lines and wrinkles from getting deeper, reduces the appearance of wrinkles that had already formed, and leaves behind smoother, younger‐looking skin in the face and neck.

Most commonly thought of as treatment for lines between the eyebrows and across the forehead, BOTOX is also a great wrinkle minimizer for crow’s feet and, if you have them, those little crinkly bunny lines on your nose. Another common use at Skin Raleigh is for relaxing the platysma muscles in your neck to soften the vertical bands that start showing up as you get a little older. We also can correct a downturned mouth, dimpled chin, gummy smile — even a wide jaw.

Choosing an Injector

BOTOX may sound easy to administer, but a successful outcome requires a sophisticated knowledge of facial structure. Once injected, neurotoxins work by blocking signals between the nerves and muscles, effectively preventing movement of wrinkle‐causing muscles. So, while talk of BOTOX can be nonchalant and the treatment is fairly quick, please remember that it should only be administered by a highly trained professional. All of our injectors enthusiastically continue their education regularly through continuing medical education (CME) courses, industry‐sponsored education, and onsite training. Injectors can also become Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialists (CANS), which is an additional level of expertise that Skin Raleigh offers.

A Comprehensive Approach

Many people choose to combine BOTOX injections with dermal fillers for more dramatic results. Dermal fillers can treat deep creases in the face caused by a loss of volume, which are different from the dynamic wrinkles treated by BOTOX.

You may also wish to use a more long‐term solution to eye and brow wrinkles, like FRAXEL skin resurfacing or SkinPen microneedling in combination with BOTOX treatments.

Most people benefit from regularly scheduled BOTOX injections. Because the results are temporary, we recommend scheduling your BOTOX appointments a few months apart to maintain a smooth and youthful appearance.

Your Recovery & Results

One of the primary benefits of BOTOX Cosmetic is that there’s virtually no downtime following the treatment. In fact, BOTOX is often referred to as a “lunchtime” procedure, meaning you can schedule it into your lunch break and return to work immediately after.

It’s important to remain upright for the first few hours immediately after the treatment (i.e., don’t lie down) and to avoid rubbing or massaging the area. Your results can take up to 14 days to take full effect. Usually patients notice a change in 4 to 5 days. We see patients for a 2‐week follow‐up visit to see how the facial muscles are reacting to your treatment.

Following your BOTOX treatment, you should look completely natural with smoother, more youthful‐looking skin. Your face should appear more relaxed, refreshed, and alert. Many people feel that smoothing away frown lines gives them a warmer look that better reflects how they feel inside, while treating crow’s feet can take years off of your appearance.

Skin Raleigh recommends patients have a 3‐ to 4‐month follow‐up appointment so that we can achieve the best results for you. If you allow BOTOX to completely wear off, it is difficult for us to be able to see how your individual muscles reacted, and therefore optimal results are harder to achieve.

Depending on the severity of your wrinkles and your skin quality, even after your BOTOX treatment you may not be in love with your skin. This is where an effective at‐home skincare regime, laser treatment, or facial filler may also play a part. Skin Raleigh was founded on the idea of testing and offering only the most effective products and treatments that exist.