When Is Payment Taken?
We will collect full payment at your pre-op appointment. 

Note: If someone else is paying for your surgery, they must be present at the time of your appointment with a matching ID.


Types of Payments

We offer four specific ways to cover your procedure:


Credit or Debit Card
It's very common for our patients to use a personal debit or credit card to pay for their surgery.

Note: Please be sure to notify your bank of this upcoming purchase to avoid them denying the transaction.


Self-Pay Discount
We are excited to offer you a discounted rate on your surgery if you choose to pay for your entire procedure with cash or a check!

Note: Credit and debit cards do not quality for the self-pay discount.


CareCredit Financing
If you have a high credit score, CareCredit is going to be the best place for you to apply for financing. They have the lowest rates in the industry, and the application process is as simple as it gets.


Alphaeon Financing
If you don't have the best credit, you are going to be way more likely to get approved with Alphaeon than CareCredit. The interest rate is going to be a little higher, but the application process is very easy to go through.



What's the best way to pay for plastic surgery?

Depending on your financial situation, there are three primary ways you can cover your cosmetic procedure: personal credit cards, cash or financing.