What Is It Like to Get Plastic Surgery?

Our Proven Process is a step-by-step plan that we created to help ensure your entire plastic surgery journey is as simple and predictable as possible!



Setup Consultation

Your first step is to connect with one of our Patient Care Coordinators to setup your in-office consultation.


In-Office Consultation

This is your in-depth, in-person consultation. During this visit, you will spend a full hour with your Patient Care Coordinator and Surgeon talking about detailed pricing, specific preferences, and every aspect of your procedure.


Select a Payment Option

There are several ways you can pay for your procedure, including two different medical financing options that we have vetted on your behalf.


Select Your Dates

Once your procedure is booked, your patient care coordinator will help you select three key dates, which will take you through the rest of your experience.


Prep Day

During your next visit to our office, you will work with your patient care coordinator to tie up any loose ends and get answers to any last minute questions.


Surgery Day

This is it! Everything we have done together has been leading up to the moment where you undergo the transformation you've been waiting for.



This is the step in your journey where you will take it easy. We will be helping you get everything in order, and we are available around the clock in case you need us.


Follow Up

Your 12-week follow-up appointment is one of the most exciting steps in the process because you will get to see your before and after photos for the first time!